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Feria 2004
From 4 to 7 june
Atomium - Heysel

EuroFeria Andaluza is a family festival in the heart of Brussels. Many organizations contribute to this event: associations, institutions, businesses and individual people and groups.
Based on the traditional feria of Andalusia it has been adapted to suit the needs of the people of Brussels and its cosmopolitan community. Each “caseta” (participating area) welcomes its members, associates, staff, friends and relations in a festive and friendly environment and is a meeting-place where people of all cultures can get together.

EuroFeria is divided into 4 sections for purposes of administration:

  • The “Casetas” described above. It is hoped that they will organize special events within their area.
  • The “Horse Arena” for performances by the horses and their riders .
  • Attractions and a Playground for children.
  • Catering: Stalls and stands serving a variety of typical and traditional food and drink.

Our ASBL provides participants with financial assistance depending on its resources, which include grants allocated by the Region of Brussels.

Those wishing to perform, or be allocated space in one of these sections should apply to EuroFeria giving the following information.

  Registration form
  • Date:
  • Name (private person):
  • Name of organization and leader’s name (if applicable):
  • Activity proposed - indicating any special requests (tents + dimensions etc.):
  • Address:
  • Postal code and Commune:
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • GSM:
  • E-mail:
  • Web site:

Please send your application by fax to (02 414 98 38), e-mail ([email protected]) or by ordinary mail (asbl. EuroFeria Andaluza - Quai of Marimont, 22 - 1080 Brussels). Confirmation of your booking will be sent following the approval of your activity by EuroFeria and subject to availability of space.


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