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  Jerez de la Frontera

The city of Jerez de la Frontera is in the south of Spain in the south-western corner of Andalusia in the Province of Cadiz. It is close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In terms of population it is the fifth largest city in Andalusia (203,000 inhabitants) and amongst the largest in Spain in surface area. Jerez has its own airport and that of Seville is not too far away.

The city stands 56 metres above sea-level and is only 10 kilometres from the sea. It enjoys a very agreeable climate with more than 3,200 hours of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 27ºC. Its proximity to the sea produces a moderate climate in both winter and summer.


The history and culture of Jerez have been strongly influenced by the various races of people who have settled there over the centuries. Artifacts found in and around the city bear witness to the presence of the Phoenicians and, more significantly, the Romans in the area. The Moorish occupation which followed left a legacy of impressive buildings which, together with the more recent but none-the-less architecturally exciting Christian edifices combine to give this beautiful city its uniquely diverse character.

Few places in Spain are as well-known internationally as Jerez. This is mainly, but not entirely, due to the special wines (Sherry) it produces. Fino or Sherry with its distinctive flavour and quality is famous throughout the world. The word Sherry is derived from the name of the city - Jerez.

Real Escuela de Arte EcuestreThe reputation of Jerez is not limited to its wines: it has far more to offer its visitors. Jerez is the home of the “caballo cartujano” (the Spanish Pure Race horse), the “toro de lidia” (fighting bull) and is the cradle of the art of flamenco. It hosts big events such as the World Motorcycle Championships. Its large commercial centres and wide avenues lead one to the lively historic city centre where you can pass your time window-shopping or sampling the local tapas. All these elements together with its historic and artistic heritage combining the traditional with the modern have created a city of perfect harmony.

No visit to Jerez would be complete without spending a little time in one of the numerous bodegas (sherry-producing houses) which are as big as cathedrals or watching the skill of the riders and horses at the Royal Spanish Riding School (La Royale Escuela d’Art Equestre).


El AlcázarThe Moorish occupation of the city is much in evidence with its odd nooks and crannies and historic monuments of that era that standAlcázar alongside the later magnificent Christian buildings the construction of which started after the conquest of the territory by Alfonso X the Wise in 1264.

The impressive complex of Alcazar’s Moorish buildings and the churches and 14th Century palaces of the Catholic Kings are well worth a visit. Jerez is one of the best places in Andalusia to appreciate the architectural gems which have preserved the historic and artistic heritage of its past.

Fairs and events

Feria JerezLa Feria del Caballo” is the principal event and highlight of the city’s calendar. It takes place every spring in the “Gonzáles Hontoria” park where, for an entire week, the splendour of this great event has all the elements which contribute to a festival of this kind: food and wine in abundance, horses and conviviality which are known the world over.

At some 200 stalls (casetas) one can sample the various wines and sherries of the area and enjoy the local delicacies and speciality dishes: small fried fish and shell fish as well as the numerous cheeses and cured hams of the region including the famous “Pata Negra”.

Procesión en JerezFrom midday until sunset the park is filled with hundreds of horse-riders in typical Andalusian dress and richly decorated carriages which ceaselessly parade up and down the avenues of the Feria ground (Real de la Feria) in an unending movement of unforgettable beauty. At nightfall the Feria is lit up by more than a million coloured lamps: a wonderful display of light and colour which bathes the fairground till dawn.

Flamenco and Sevillanas (Andalusian music and dances) performed in the multicoloured Andalusian dress form the background for the magical scenes that are enacted every year in Jerez in the month of May

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