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From 5th till to 8th june
Atomium - Heysel
The EuroFeria Andaluza 2008: 200.000 visitors, olé!

The 16th annual Andalusian Feria organised by EuroFeria Andaluza a.s.b.l. (a non-profit making organisation), with support from the Region of Brussels-Capital and the Commune of Brussels, will hold its traditional Andalusian fair on the 5, 6, 7 and 8 June at the foot of the Atomium (Brussels).

This festival is now the most important Andalusian cultural event in Brussels and indeed of Europe in general - each year attracting more and more visitors. In 2007 they numbered more than 180.000.

Although most of the participants are Spanish and the atmosphere is definitely Andalusian, many Belgians and people of other nationalities come and share this special event with us. In 2008 there will be people representing several European countries including the various regions of Spain, and Latin American countries - all contributing to enhance our festive celebration.

The EuroFeria, this year, will take place at the foot of the Atomium and will be organised around five large patios:

Andalucía España
Atomium Calle del Infierno
  Expo '58    

Each Patio is a centre point for dozens of glittering artistic performances and “casetas” offering a great variety of food and drink.

“La Portada”, (monumental doorway) welcomes the public. This year it is formed by the Atomium itself in the majestic setting of the boulevard du Centenaire.

The decoration and organisation of the fairground with its “casetas” follows the Andalusian tradition: fancy “farolillos” lights, horses strolling around, people dressed in the Andalusian style - spectacular flamenca dresses for the ladies and elegant decorated “corto” costumes for the gentlemen, flamenco singing and dancing - lots of elements that offer a magnificent spectacle of light and colour so characteristic of this type of celebration.

Day and night one can enjoy the traditional food, drink and music in a friendly atmosphere. Besides typical European dishes one can enjoy a great variety of Spanish and Mediterranean specialities: ham, shrimps, “pescaito frito” (fried fish) and “paella” to name but a few. There will be “churros with hot chocolate” to end the evening, and, of course, there will be plenty of “manzanilla” from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cadiz) - a sherry type drink without which no Andalusian féria would be complete.

EuroFeria is an event for all the family with activities to suit all ages. The children can play in the patio created for them - the “calle del Infierno” (street of Hell) in the style of Andalusian fairs where they can enjoy all sorts of attractions.

Adults may prefer to sample the various culinary delights available in the “casetas”, use the opportunity to hear and see the displays of flamenco and Sevillian dances and attend one of the unforgettable spectacular horse shows. The whole family, old and young alike, can enjoy the festive celebrations and the full programme of activities which Euroferia offers.

ENTRY to the fairground is FREE.

Special events:

  • Thursday 5 June 2008: Inaugural reception (by invitation)
  • Friday 6 June 2008 at noon: opening of EuroFeria.
  • Friday 6 June 2008 at 14:30 h: parade of horses and carriages leaves the site for the Grand' Place.
  • Horse shows: Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

The Committee of the EuroFeria hopes you will come and enjoy this real Andalusian celebration in the heart of Europe.

Some interesting facts:

  • More than 180.000 visitors in 3 days
  • 120 participants
  • 6.000 m² of covered stands
  • 70 artistic groups
  • 4 hectares