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From 5th till to 8th june
Atomium - Heysel
Representatives of the EuroFeria

Federico Gallo: Honorary President
Antonio Wolf: President
Berengère Chapelier: Secretary
Marcos Román: Chamberlain
Fernando Vera: Secretary of the association
Manuel González: Andalusian associations
Txema Muñoz: Webmaster
Ana Panés: Secretary (español)
Tomas Morillo: Spanish Subventions


Thierry Brion:  Surveillance
Magda Cools: Coordination site web
Robert Kets: Protocol
Pilar Palomeque
Hilario Sáenz
Paco Nuñez & Mª José Olmo: Relations with Andalusia
Juan Rodríguez-Villa: Entreprises
Yves Vercammen: Responsible for allocation of stands
Pablo Alonso: Relationship with the participants
Esteban Salido: Artists, animation
Marc Wunderlin: Horses
Micheline Vande Zande: Contact press
Etienne Louvain: Contact press

Contact e-mail: [email protected]