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Feria 2004
From 20th till to 22th may
Elisabeth Park
In front of the Basilica of Koekelberg
The EuroFeria Andaluza 2005: 160.000 visitors, ¡olé!

Andalusian EuroFeria, a non-profit association will organize the days 20, 21 and 22 of may its traditional Andalusian fair in Koekelberg (Brussels). This will be the thirteenth edition we celebrate.

This event has become the Andalusian cultural manifestation most important of Brussels and Europe in general, and wakes up, year after year, a greater interest on the part of the public. In 2004, the number of visitors surpassed the number of 140.000 people.

Although most of the participants are Spanish, there already many Belgians and people from different nationalities, that come to share with us these special days. In 2005, representation from different European countries, as well as from different regions from Spain and Latin American countries, will attend to reinforce our celebration.

The EuroFeria of Koekelberg has opened up to the outside. The first step has been the association with Sanlúcar de Barrameda, that has contributed with fresh breath of Andalusian air that now we must maintain. Also, other cities have been united recently with us, among them Hyères, Huelva, Almería or the La Línea de la Concepción.

The EuroFeria takes place in the Elisabeth Park, at the foot of the Basilica of Koekelberg, and enjoys a spectacular perspective into the Boulevard Leopold II, the “Champs-Élysées” of BrusselsThe present edition will be organized around ten patios:

EuroFeria Jacques Pivin
Latino Simonis
Movida Europa
España Andalucía
Caballos Calle del Infierno

Each Patio is the meeting point for numerous artists and “casetas”, where the gastronomy, dances and the different animated activities are shining jewels and they are counted by tens.

“La Portada”, which you can see in front of the entrance of the EuroFeria parametres, invites everyone to the celebration. It simulates the Arc of the Fiftieth Anniversary and is financed by the Municipality of Koekelberg, that in addition to being the special guest of this party, makes available for the EuroFeria the services of logistic… without which the development of the EuroFeria would be impossible. At the same time, the police of Brussels collaborates to maintain the security and the order in the parameters of the fair.

The decoration and the organization of the fairground, as well as of the “casetas”, honours the traditional Andalusian fairs: scenery with “farolillos”, strolls of horse, girls and boys dressed to the purest Andalusian style (“flamenco dresses” for women and “short” for men), typical dances, flamenco and a lot of elements that offer a spectacle of lights and colours, all characteristics of these type of celebrations.

In “casetas”, day and night, it will be possible to enjoy the traditional food, drinks and dances in a friendly atmosphere. The gastronomy, to the taste and Mediterranean colour, will offer a great variety of Spanish and European typical plates: hams, shrimps, “pescaito frito” (fried fish), “paella” and many others. “The churros with chocolate” will close the evening. The “manzanilla” from Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), is drunk typically in all Andalusian fairs who boast of success, will reign in the EuroFeria. The cuisine of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, based on seafood products, will play an outstanding role in this edition.

The Fair is a familiar party, this is the reason for which the activities are directed to people of the ages. The children will be able to play in the patio that is devoted to them: one “calle del Infierno” (street of Hell) in the style of the Andalusian fairs where they can enjoy attractions of all types.

The adults will be able to try proposed typical dishes in the different “casetas” and to take advantage of the Spanish flamenco spectacles and Sevillian dances, as well as other European nationalities, without forgetting the magical horse shows. From older to younger people, and in a familiar atmosphere of celebration, it will be possible to enjoy the numerous activities that the program of activities of the EuroFeria offers.

Year 2005 will be distinguished specially by the implantation of one site that will be able to welcome more than 1.000 people and where an impressive spectacle of Andalusian horses will take place inspired by the School of Jerez.

The Committee of the EuroFeria invites you all to be with us these days and to enjoy a real Andalusian celebration in the heart of Europe.

Some interesting facts:

  • More than 140.000 visitors in 3 days in 2004
  • 120 Participants
  • 2.000 m metres of fairground
  • 70 artistic groups
  • 4 hectares

Frederico Gallo de Haro
[email protected]

© 2005 EuroFeria Andaluza a.s.b.l.