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Representatives of the EuroFeria
Frédéric Gallo: [email protected] - Chairman
Jean-Pierre De Keyn: [email protected] - Co-chairman
Antonio Wolf: [email protected] - Vice-chairman - Person in charge of horseshows
Tomás Morillo: [email protected] - General Secretary
Berengère Chapelier: [email protected] - Secretary
Marcos Román: [email protected] - Cultural department
Willy Van Der Perre: [email protected] - Representative of the Koekelberg Municipality
Manuel González: [email protected] - Chamberlain
Txema Muñoz: [email protected] - Person in charge of the Web
Jean-Paul Mertens: [email protected] - Person in charge of the locations


Angelina Heerens: [email protected] - Relationship with Andalusia
Aude Stordeur: [email protected] - Coordination with the Koekelberg Municipality
Ana Panés: [email protected] - Secretary (spanish)
Pilar Palomeque: [email protected]
Hilario Sáenz: [email protected]
Alejandro Somoano: [email protected] - Relationship with Almeria
Ramón Herrera: [email protected]
Robert Kets: [email protected] - Protocol
Agustín Enríquez: [email protected] - Decoration

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