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From 3 to 6 june
Atomium - Heysel
Poster Competition EuroFeria Andaluza 2011

The EuroFeria Andaluza of Brussels invites you to take part in its annual competition:

“Affiches EuroFeria Andaluza”

Format: A2 (420 x 594 mm) or A3 (297 x 420 mm).

Standards: Leave a space or insert “EuroFeria Andaluza” in large letters and leave a space of +/- 20% to insert the logos and text (Brussels, Atomium, year and date etc.)

Topics: Farolillos, European and Andalusian flags, Andalusian horses, Sevillian dancers…

Prize: 500€ + printing and distribution of more than 300.000 copies (with the signature of the artist), prize-giving ceremony and appearance of the poster in the press and other media.

Date limit: Entries can be submitted thoughout the year. The committee chooses the winning entry on 2011, 1 January before the EuroFeria.

Send or take entries to: EuroFeria Andaluza, Quai de Marimont, 22 - 1080 Brussels.
They can also be sent by email as an attachment (2.000 x 3.000 pixels minimum) to:
[email protected] (affiches)

To give you inspiration - you can see the posters of previous years on our website.

Entries are non-returnable. EuroFeria Andaluza ASBL will hold the copyright of the winning entry.

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