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EuroFeria Andaluza
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EuroFeria Andaluza
From 1 to 3 June
Atomium - Heysel
  Federico Gallo
Federico Gallo

Dear friends of the EuroFeria,

On the final day of last year's Euroferia, I expressed two regrets: the first one being that such a fantastic edition of our event should have come to an end. Five days of sheer excitement, shows, over 300.000 visitors, great weather… Hot hot hot!

My second regret was the rather unfortunate appearance of street thugs and troublemakers, with the consequences they engendered.

Since our principles are based upon tolerance and solidarity, we want nothing more (maybe naively) than to bring together the community in Brussels in all its diversity. Riots and violence are therefore the last things we want to see during our event.

For this 20th edition of the Euroferia, we consequently need to take these elements into account, as well as to acknowledge the real existence of a crisis which is unfortunately hitting all of us.

As a result, we have decided on two main lines of approach:

Our first objective: carrying on with our celebration in its peaceful conviviality and with our jolly, extrovert and dynamic spirit. Our committee is getting ready to present to you its new dances and horse shows, while our stand holders are preparing to set up their stands full of colors, exotic tastes and Iberian atmosphere.

Our second objective: maintaining the adequate security standards we are entitled to expect from the local authorities. Unfortunately, the law gives us no possibility to assure our own security ourselves, but we will campaign together to insist on decent and civic behavior, during an event which is primarily based upon joy, care and respect.

The police have already taken some measures to make the whole event safer. The EuroFeria has been limited to 3 days, and will have to close every night at midnight. In this way Euroferia is similar to the young Brussels girls: the less they go out, the less they show themselves to be attractive, and the less they risk being harassed.

Finally, let me assure you that we only have one wish, that the Euroferia keeps on being what is has always been: exciting, joyful, colorful, family-oriented by day, with its young and festive atmosphere by night. You are the greatest public and support we could dream of and it is for this reason alone that we all work voluntarily for this unique event, which serves to capture the extraordinary Brussels joie de vivre.

Federico Gallo de Haro
Honorary President