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  Caballos EuroFeria
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From 1 to 3 June
Atomium - Heysel
Spanish Pure-breed in the EuroFeria

The horse in the EuroFeria

Caballos EuroFeriaOne of the best ways to get to know the Andalusian people is through their fun-time activities their fiestas and their processions (romerías). In these they mix music, flamenco, dance gastronomy, wine and styles of dress that suit the true star of the show: the horse. Whether ridden by horsemen and amazons or drawing richly coloured carriages, the horse is the proper means of transport for participating in romerias or attending fairs.

The presence of horses enlivens the atmosphere of fiestas that celebrate friendship and joy. In our eagerness to organise an authentic fair we could not leave them out. This is why we have been working to improve the services and performances within the enclosure, as well as the quality of the facilities, stalls and the artists who accompany us. The magical spectacle of equestrian events has become extremely important. People who visit us every year at the fairground always look forward to these events.

Accordingly, at the twentieth EuroFeria, we shall again enjoy various equestrian performances in the beautiful surroundings at the foot of the Atomium. The many professionals assembled in Brussels from different parts of the world who will be taking part in this spectacle are offering you what will unquestionably be an unforgettable day out.

The horse: tradition and culture

Caballos EuroFeriaThe horse has been linked with the history and the culture of Andalusia since time immemorial. Originally used in warfare, as a means of transport and for other work, the industrial revolution changed his role to that of man’s companion in sport and leisure activities, in which he is one of the leaders in this region. The horse has been an integral part of this land from its beginnings and contributes much to our better knowledge and understanding of its landscape, customs and people.

In Andalusia, where herds of the main forerunners of the Pure Spanish Race are raised, the spanish or andalusian horse predominates. It is the heir of the cartujano horse, which attracted the admiration of kings, princes and nobles who over the centuries came here in search of the most beautiful beasts.

In Andalusia we find the best of the world’s races, due to the presence of excellent pastures in the mud flats, and to the good climate: factors that make this place suitable for stock raising.

The andalusian horse: elegance and harmony

Caballos EuroFeriaThe Andalusian or Pure Spanish Race (P.R.E) horse has a singular and unquestionable beauty marked by large eyes that express a great vivacity. The characteristic feature of its beauty, however, is its thick mane which endows it with a uniqe elegance.

The most outstanding attribute of the Andalusian horse is, without any doubt, its temperament for even though it is certainly a very docile animal, and easily handled, not only when it is in training but also in its rest periods, at the same time it displays a vigorous and sedate character with an excellent capacity for obedience. All this, together with its beauty, makes it an ideal horse for riding, which is why it is in so much demand as a “horse of pleasure”.

Finally, it is necessary to point out another important quality of the Andalusian horse: its intelligence. It has a great capacity for learning and a good memory which is why it accepts being broken-in and adapts to many other treatments like the wearing of a saddle and harness.. Also, the style and the elegance of its movements make it suitable for performing in many events such as bullfights (rejoneos), cattle herding, dressage and riding academy performances.

This race, which enjoys a great prestige already, each year, acquires a greater number of admirers in Spain and in Europe in general: people who defend and support the growing recognition of this beautiful and noble beast which is our Andalusian horse.