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Deputation of Málaga
From 10th till 13th June
Elisabeth Park
In front of the Basilica of Koekelberg
Good news for the edition 2004 of the Andalusian EuroFeria

This year we count with the participation of the Provincial Deputation of Málaga.

Angelina Heerens, our ambassador most Andalusian (of Dutch nationality), has organized during months the best presentation than Málaga can have before Europe.

The presence of Málaga means great pride for the Euroferia, a feeling that consists to us is reciprocal to us, since, in the same way, as numerous artists from Málaga dream several months a head about this exceptional occasion.

Málaga will have an important representation within the parametres. Numerous artists, companies and the Provincial Delegation will be present in the fair. To emphasize the presence of the pastoral group of the municipality of Almachar, the group “Arrecogiendo Raíces”, the flamenco singer Antoñita Contreras and different companies will present their most emblematic products of the region. In these festive surroundings, we will count with the presence of official representatives, among them, the President of the Provincial Deputation of Málaga, Mr. Salvador Pendón Muñoz. During these days, the authorities from Málaga will have the occasion to greet numerous representatives of the European Community, it won’t be in corridors or cold offices, but in a pleasant open air. For them, the official program has predicted a reception in the City council of Brussels, close the most impressive seat of Europe.

Málaga is proud of this representation, after the participation of Huelva, Almería or Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Andalusians figures already present), now it is its turn.

On the other hand, to indicate that Málaga is in collaboration with the Caseta Euroferia, it will take care of the decoration (floral adornments, more than 4,000 farolillos...). We can visit the Caseta Euroferia in the patio that takes afeter its name.

The Andalusian Euroferia, according to the words of his president, it is still flourishing (10 years), it nowadays constitutes the greatest cultural manifestation of Brussels. The today participants today will be the greater beneficiaries of tomorrow.

The Andalusian Euroferia, with its 150.000 visitors, is a unique occasion for the delegations of Andalusia to be in the heart of Europe. Doubt does not fit in that, although the fair is known for a clearly Andalusian character, it adapts to its surroundings, Brussels. We do not forget that we are in the European capital, however, the Andalusian people always will have priority in this celebration.

In order to know more on the Andalusian Euroferia of Brussels, consult its history in the pages of our Web site.


  • Excmo. Mr. Don Salvador Pendón Muñoz
    President of the Provincial Deputation of Málaga.
    e-mail secretary: [email protected]
    Tel. Deputation of Málaga: +34 95 213 35 00
  • Excmo. Mr. Fernández España
    Infrastructure Area, Works and Urbanism of the Deputation of Málaga.
    e-mail secretary: [email protected]
    Tel. Deputation: +34 95 213 38 63

City council of Vélez-Málaga

City council of Moclinejo

  • Francisco Montañez Villalba (Councilman) with his wife Josefa Villalba Torres.

City council of El Almáchar

  • José Juan Ruiz (Crazyperson-Mayor) y António Yuste Gámez (Councilman).


• Almendrera del Sur, S.C.A. (almonds, products of almonds)

• Ucopaxa. Cooperative of raisins (raisins, raisins liqueur)

  • Manager: Salvador Muñoz and Isabel Nieto Hermoso

Tel: +34 95 250 34 00
e-mail: [email protected]

• Aceite de Aguacate Marmosa, S.C.A. (oil, avocados, brown sugar)
  • President: Martín José Moreno Sánchez with his wife and 3 childrens

    Tel: +34 95 253 33 89

• Avos Nerja (avocados pate, guacamole)

  • President: Antonio Rojas
  • Manager: Samuel Callejón Márquez

Asociación Multisectoral de la Jardinería Andaluza
(flowers, flowerpots, plants, decoration)
  • Manager: Isabel Delgado Maya + 3 associates

    Tel: +34 637 45 41 54
    Fax: +34 951 03 61 03
    e-mail: [email protected]


Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen MÁLAGA, (Wine and raisins)


  • Group “Pastoral de Almáchar”
  • Group “Arrecogiendo Raices” de Málaga
    Director José Portillo Palma “Gurro” (the group counts with 18 people)
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Tel: +34 952 51 20 05
  • Antoñita Contreras (photo) with her guitarist
    Tel. +34 952 49 82 34
To add that the EuroFeria 2004 will count with the presence of Eva Partal Rueda, film director, with Enrique Cantos Liébana, cameraman.
e-mail: [email protected]


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