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Message from the President
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EuroFeria Andaluza
From 1 to 5 June
Atomium - Heysel

Dear friends of the EuroFeria,

Federico Gallo
Can it be true? Already 20 years?? 20 years only???

Twenty years ago a few nostalgic-minded Andalusians decided to have a Feria - one of those fairs you can only find in the South of Spain – to be held in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

Well, twenty years have passed since then and only once, in 1995, the Feria couldn’t take place. As every momentous anniversary presents an opportunity for self-examination, let us take the opportunity to look back and at the same time take due stock of those past events.

In the very beginning the “Feria” was planned and organized as an Andalusian fair in the typical Sevillian style. Unexpectedly the event became a major attraction for people from Brussels as well as from the neighbourhood, all longing for this kind of popular “folksy” entertainment. And this is when we understood that all nationalities living together in the metropolis wanted to attend and participate. The “EuroFeria Andaluza” is not a theme-park; it is the great Brussels folk festival Andalusian style.

The EuroFeria offers activities and spectacular shows, exhibits and presentations for every age – adults, children, youths and families. Merry-go-rounds, pure-breed horse-shows, traditional Spanish dances and the typical late-night aperitif –as is customary in Spain; everybody will find their very special niche, a time for convivial gathering and relaxed meeting, the Southerners-approved way of relaxing and forgetting the daily bother and hassle.

Today the public image of the EuroFeria has led to a broad acceptance and assimilation of this type of Spanish fiesta in Brussels and Belgium Many festivals and fairs in fact call themselves “Feria”, where Churros and Tapas are taken for granted, being offered proudly and self-evidently, next to French fries.

Nostalgically, looking back to the beginnings at Koekelberg, you might regret that the EuroFeria, due to its immense popularity, became less Spanish and thereby lost part of its soul.

But in reality, even though the number of visitors has grown to such an extent that we are literally quite lost in the crowds, the EuroFeria is more Spanish than ever before. To retain this unique touch the management-team is leaving no stone unturned when addressing partners and officials in Spain, Andalusia, the Spanish community of Belgium and the neighbouring countries to preserve this specific character nobody wants to lose.

Once more – who can consider someone more “Spanish” than a typical native of Brussels? Our success is the best proof. With more than 240.000 visitors in 2010 the EuroFeria obviously appeals to many people.

We - the organizers and promoters of the EuroFeria – have a dream. True to our ideals and decisions we welcome your opinions, suggestions and proposals and will do our very best to implement them if at all possible.

As regards the officials and representatives in Brussels, they are always the first and most enthusiastic group to encourage us to keep up this very spirit. Hence we will tackle once more the enormous task with their support as well as with your and our enthusiasm – the EuroFeria 2011.

This year the EuroFeria will be even more inviting and grand: Many of artists and dressage riders have already confirmed their participation. The town of Seville will be our guest of honor. We will keep you informed via the medias, our website and especially via Facebook: EuroFeria de Bruselas

May everybody enjoy a marvellous EuroFeria 2011!

Federico Gallo de Haro
Honorary President